My name is Kate and I am a qualified Teacher of English with a Degree in English and American Literature. For many years I have been tutoring students in English Literature, Language and English as a Foreign Language. I am an avid reader and I am thrilled when I can share my passion …

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  My name is Cecile and I am a native French speaking tutor, having grown up in France before moving to the UK. I am a newly qualified teacher specialising in languages (French) and in my free time I privately tutors for GCSE and A- Level students. I am a positive, imaginative, and engaging teacher …

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My name is Helen and I am an English Literature and Language tutor & a qualified teacher who has over 10 years teaching/tutoring experience. I am particularly interested in developing English oracy skills and enjoy teaching phonics and vocabulary at KS1 & KS2.  Additionally, I have a strong understanding of all English grammar rules. I …

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My name is Saliha and I am an English Graduate & FE trained Teacher who has been tutoring KS1 – KS4 students for the past few years. I am a personable English specialist who has a calm presence with my students, allowing them to ask questions in a safe environment and provide answers that are …

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My name is Mahnoor and I am a English, Maths & Science tutor who has been tutoring students for 6 years. I have taught core subjects: Science (KS3-KS5), Maths (KS2-KS5) and English (KS1-KS4). Throughout my tutoring I have learnt that every student has different needs when it comes to learning, retaining and applying information. As …

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My name is Tayo and I am an English tutor who has been tutoring KS1-KS4 students for 4 years. I am also a tutor for Business Studies at GCSE & HND. I provide my students with guidance and support, monitoring academic progress and encouraging discipline.  I assist my students with learning plans for accomplishing the …

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My name is Raj and I am a Maths & English tutor who has been tutoring KS1-4 students for several years. I have evidence of good classroom practice and excellent teaching, including the use of different learning styles. I feel discussion style promotes learning through interaction and questioning. To differentiate learning in my lesson plans …

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My name is Iqra and I am a Maths & English tutor who has been tutoring KS1-KS4 students for over 8 years. I am a Law graduate with a passion for tutoring & creating a positive environment for learning, where students feel at ease to ask questions to reinforce their learning. Through using my assessment …

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