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North Devon

My name is Rita and I am an experienced Maths Teacher & tutor who has been teaching/tutoring KS3 & KS4 students for over 30 years. I am a professional and knowledgeable private GCSE Maths Tutor with an extensive career as a Maths Teacher and Head of Department. I have taught across the full age and ability range in 11 – 16 schools and taught evening classes of adults and college students who also achieved excellent results. I mark for numerous exam boards including Cambridge and AQA and have in-depth knowledge of the updated Mathematics curriculum. I implement a unique system for assessment that monitors students’ progress and discovers the gaps in their learning; enabling me to evaluate the data and set learning objectives & tasks that will progress the students onto their next step of learning. I set my students targets that are above and beyond their expected grades, encouraging growth and dedication in their learning. I use a range of blended learning including interactive resources that provide engagement, imagination and interest in the subject knowledge.

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