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Muswell Hill

My name is Mahnoor and I am a English, Maths & Science tutor who has been tutoring students for 6 years. I have taught core subjects: Science (KS3-KS5), Maths (KS2-KS5) and English (KS1-KS4). Throughout my tutoring I have learnt that every student has different needs when it comes to learning, retaining and applying information. As a result of this, I have developed a skill set which has allowed me to tailor my methods of teaching to suit the needs of the individual student. When teaching Science, I often taught beyond the specification which helped my students understand the subject content. Furthermore, I have emphasised the importance of independent study and made sure to integrate this within my lessons. Many of these methods include pre-reading and researching the subject prior to lessons, as well as applying subject knowledge to exam style questions. When teaching Maths and Science, I found that exam practice was essential for students to achieve the highest possible grades, whereas reading the text prior to English lessons helped to fuel intellectual discussions, which in turn helped students produce exemplar essays.

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